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    What Is a Forum

    You keeping hearing the word forum tossed around and you are unsure as to what a forum really is. You think you may have an idea that a forum is a discussion board but why would people go to them and when did they begin? This article will answer a couple questions about forums and give you an understanding of what a forum truly is.

    Some of the same software you see today has been around since the early stages of forums, some of which have modified the way the run and now are paid such as Invision Power Board which was once also seen as free hosted software known as InvisionFree offering version 1.3. Other software such as vBulletin and phpBB has been around for years and continue to run smooth.

    The common role of a discussion board is places where people can come together that are interested in a specific niche and share their knowledge or talk about their common interest. Good forums contain a gold mine of informational topics and there are forums for nearly every niche you can think of. Whether you want forums about webmaster, gaming, electronics, or graphics, there is something for you and plenty for you to learn from each.

    Forums are incredibly flexible and many can be altered to look exactly how you want them, you can even use a forum as a CMS and not use the discussion portion at all. However, there is CMS software out there that allows for you to do so but this is just another use for forum type software.

    Whether you are looking to join a forum or looking to create one, rest assured that forums have many uses and there are plenty of forums already out there that you can visit to get a grasp for what a forum is and how they can be used. Do a quick Google search for your favorite niche and add forum at the end, webmaster forums for example and you will see a page full of forums that are related to your niche. These forums will all contain loads of information that allow you to see other views on topics and allows for you to gain insight into the topic you are interested in.

    After reading this article I hope you have grasped the concept of a forum and can now feel its purpose. They are incredibly useful and a great resource for information that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

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    I launched a forum of my own about 4 months ago. It's my first forum, and in fact it is my first web site. The niche I picked is about pets.

    My choice of forum software is MyBB, not only because it is free, but it also seem to be a good software. I don't want to spend extra money on something can be obtained for free.

    However I found that it is extremely hard to grow a new community. People these days seem to be getting lazier and lazier. They'd rather spend time on social networks such as Facebook and enjoy 1~2 words comment over every wall post than visiting a forum for serious discussion on a real forum.

    I still believe forums are the best places for serious discussion and problem solving. The hard part is to get enough people to have the snowball rolling. Nobody is going to join without seeing an already popular forum.

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    Some forum softwares are really old like phpBB and vb I think phpBB is now 13 years in the business or so :D

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    I dont like PHPBB lol for some reason i hate them forums the way admin cp looks!

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    One of my best friends has his forum on phpBB. And, I tried out that software, but really didn't like it. Conversely I have SMF now and love it. Though I really want MyBB. I think there are so many more options for MyBB.

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    Yes I had a friend that used phpBB and I hated it. I also admined a smf forum and I did not like it much. I like vb 3.8.x and xenforo!

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