Only Keywords In My Image Alt Tags? or Some writing?

Discussion in 'Forum SEO' started by SeanFace101, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Im doing some on-site SEO just now and im adding alt tags to all the images on my website.
    Im wanting to know if when adding these alt tags, Should each tag be writen like a sentence or should the tag be writen like a list? by a list, i mean.. Keyword, Keyword, Keyword, Keyword. Can someone please help me out with this because i dont want to add alt tags to all my images to then find out i did it wrong. Thank You!

    Also.. I have a few images that are just thin faded bars for design. Is it better to just leave the alt tags blank for these. Im not sure because i know that it isnt good to have missing alt tags, but theres nothing i can put to describe coloured rectangles lol.

    Does anybody have any information or help they can give me for writing the Alt for images?

  2. Beverly Administrator

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    I've seen sites that insert entire paragraphs into alt tags. Not talking about keyword stuffing but actual sentences. The bad thing about using just keywords is that you're likely to use the same set from one photo to the next on the same page and that could give the impression of keyword stuffing as you would have an abundance of those keywords on the same page. And, very little text to balance out. I'd opt for keyword rich sentence. As for the graphic elements (photos), you could insert the site url/name and a keyword description of the site. Or, just leave blank, up to you.

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