Forum Launcher Needs Staff ! (IPB Forum/84 Members)

Discussion in 'Employment & Job Vacancies' started by iCrazy, Jan 22, 2012.

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    We are looking for new staff to join our team, all positions are voluntary and you should not see to be getting paid.
    But as staff you have access to these exclusive features!

    - Access to Staff Forums
    - Have a leading role in the growing ForumLauncher Community
    - VIP Access
    - Free Unlimited Website Hosting

    Vacant Positions

    Service Manager
    Positions left : 1
    Works on Posting Packages and Services and leads the team of Service Staff,
    make sure everyone's bought services and completed in a timely and quality manner, handle most questions
    and keep the team organized! You can also decide new packages and prices!

    Service Team Members
    Positions left : 4
    Works on Posting packages, Ad Banners and Reviews and makes sure they are done with efficiency and quality!
    They will be under the service manager, and will do as he/she sais.

    Positions left : 1
    Keep the board and forums running as it should, make sure there is no spam and all support is answered! Members in this team will work under Head moderator

    Positions left : 1
    Will work on Graphics set by graphics artist Greg.

    To apply PM Nathan at Forum Launcher with the following template!

    -- ForumLauncher Application for Volunteer Employment --

    Name (We require your real name):
    Position Requested:
    Date of Registration:
    Current Postcount:
    Prior Experience: (List prior experience you may have performing a job similar to the one in which you are applying for)

  2. iTech278 New Member

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    What is the website URL? I might be interested, but I would like to first see the site.

  3. ShadowKage Kages for Ages

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    That would be

    Just visited the site and it looks great.

    Sent using ShadowKage's device which you dont need to know. Loves AP and Tapatalk :)

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